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The following screenshot was taken in Orc Fortress (Tibia).

Orc Fortress (Tibia)

I couldn't find the original sprite of Orc Berserker standing towards south.
So we will use a very similar one:
the original sprite of Orc Berserker moving towards south (left foot ahead).

Orc Berserker (Tibia)

Too small, right? Let's zoom in.

Orc Berserker (Tibia) - pixelated view

Small To Natural Size

"natural size" here means the apparent size during the game play.

The main thing to notice is that Tibia sprites are made to be scaled up.

The Orc Berserker sprite size is 32x32 pixels.
No one can play the game with so small sprites in modern screens (high resolution).

Instead of directly place natural size sprites on natural size picture, Tibia
1) places small sprites on small picture and
2) scales up the small picture to the natural size, that the player will see.

This system has two important benefits.

It demands less effort from the computer.
When Tibia was born, computers had much less resources.

Scaling up a sprite smooths it.
But Tibia gets an even better smoothing because they scale up the picture.

Notice how flat, rough and squared the boots of the Orc Berserker sprite are.
Notice how good looking they become in the picture!


As I am writing this, Tibia is more than 20 years old.

Each year they created new sprites.
Over time, they used more than one style to make the sprites.