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Pure Pixel Art

Few Colors, Placed Pixel By Pixel, No Scaling

This is a scaled up sprite of Manta Ray from Tibia.

Pure Pixel Art - Manta Ray (Tibia)

Below we zoom in the original sprite.

Pure Pixel Art - Manta Ray (Tibia) - pixelated view

Few Colors?

I loaded this sprite to BobSprite.
I selected a color that was different from the sprite colors.
I used tool Color Replacer on it once and saved the resulting sprite.
I kept painting and saving.
I stopped after paint the whole creature.
So there was created a new sprite for each color of the original sprite.
Then I made a sprite sheet with all these sprites.

Manta Ray Colors

Yes. The sprite was made with few colors.

There are 17 sprites (excluding the original one) in the sprite sheet.

This means 17 colors:
- one color for outline
- a six color palette for the eyes
- a ten color palette for the rest (body)

Computers have evolved. Today they handle millions of colors.
But humanity is still the same and the artist feels comfortable dealing with palettes of few colors.

Also, the sprite was not scaled (up or down), or else it would have much more (intermediate) colors.

Except for the tail, the painting is very intelligible.
As much as possible, the colors seem organized in groups.
And neighbour groups try to make gradients.

This sprite would be not difficult to replicate manually.

This sprite is really a true work of Pixel Art, although its look is not pixelated.