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Memorize Image Icon or ENTER
You should memorize the raw shaded sprite as slot now.

Polishing Arms And Legs

Blur Border Icon
Select tool Blur Border.

Click once in each leg and each arm with default (4) intensity.

Its intensity is adjustable from 1 to 10,
by pressing SHIFT and spinning the mouse wheel.

Brush Icon
Use tool Brush to fix an unwanted blurred part:
a few pixels around the thin end of the red figure in the chest.

Polishing The Boots

Blur Border Icon
Select tool Blur Border with default (4) intensity.

Click three times in each area marked as yellow.
Click once in each area marked as green.

Boots Polishing Zoomed In


Decrease Layer Size Icon
Downsize the sprite once (half of width and half of height).

Now the sprite is at its definitive size.

And more smoothing was automatically done.
Hands and helmet only needed this.

Below we see the zoomed in current sprite.

Spaceman Polishing Zoomed In

Manual Antialiasing

The edge of the red area in chest is too sharp.

It was not touched by the downsizing.
Because, like the outline, it was already there before upsizing.

Brush Icon
So now you use an intermediary color (rgba(212,78,0)) to soften it.
See about intermediary color in Hints.

Below we see the zoomed in current sprite.

Spaceman Manual Antialiasing Zoomed In

Blur Icon
Another way to do this is using the tool Blur.

Antialiasing Outline

Clone Icon or CTRL C
Clone layer Sprite to layer Mask.

Apply effect Erase All But Black (panel Effect).

Apply effect Antialiasing Strong (panel Effect).

Show Both Layers Icon or B
Set both layers on.

Paste Iconor CTRL V
Paste layer Mask on layer Sprite.

Below we have a zoomed in view of the process.

Spaceman Antialiasing Outline Zoomed In


Spaceman South Stand (Lost In Maze)

Below we have a zoomed in view of the finished boots.

Boots Zoomed In

The shading of the boots is the nicest.
And the most complex.
It takes more than 50 blue colors.

But you made it using only 4!