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Painting Orc Beserker

Orc Berserker (Tibia) - pixelated view

This time we will, keeping the outline, completely repaint the filling of the sprite.

And we will do everything in the original size.

Before start, click the link to download the original Orc Berserker sprite (32x32 pixels)

Part 1

Open or restart BobSprite.

Load Image Icon
Load the source image (Orc Berserker).

Press  +  (plus) till you have zoom level 15.

Bucket Icon
Paint the eyes with black (rgba(0,0,0,255)).
This preserves the eyes to be painted by brush tool.

Brush Icon
Select brush tool and spin mouse wheel, setting tool size to 15.

Use white color to repaint the sprite.

brush tool preserves blank and black pixels.

BobSprite - Orc Berserker - White

Memorize Image Icon
Click the memorize image icon or press ENTER, to memorize current image as second slot.
This image has no filename; thus BobSprite names it as "nameless/1".
In first slot we have the loaded source sprite.

Part 2

The outline looks polluted.
We can try to fix the excessive black pixels:

- in the head
- in the mouth
- in the left arm near axe
- in the left leg
- in the right leg

Also, we can fix a missing black pixel in the end of the axe.
And another one is missing in the face.

Pen Icon
Use pen tool with tool size 1 for this job.

Something that looks bad now may be ok after coloring.
Beware the outline nightmare, where we can't fix a part without break another part.

Painting Orc Berserker - pixelated view

Memorize Image Icon
Click the memorize image icon or press ENTER, to memorize current image as third slot.

Part 3

Bucket Icon Brush Icon
Use bucket tool and brush tool to color different areas of the sprite.

Painting Orc Berserker (2) - pixelated view

As the basic job is done, this is a good time to save the sprite.

Save Image Icon
Click the save image icon or press CTRL S to save your work.
This also memorizes the image as fourth slot.

Part 4

There is no need for an external palette: the sprite is the palette.

Set the view mode in panel main to scaled 5x.

Pen Icon
Paint the eyes with pen tool.

Time to shade.

Painting Orc Berserker - Sheet - pixelated view

I used two methods for shading.

Shading Method 1

Bright Contrast buttons

Find a clearer or darker color, keeping the original hue, by pressing the bright buttons in panel color.
Or pressing the hotkeys O and P.

Brush Icon
Then paint using brush tool.

Shading Method 2

Darken Icon Lighten Icon
Just use darken tool and lighten tool, with tool size set to 1.

You can adjust the tool size by spinning mouse wheel.

You can adjust the tool intensity by SHIFT spinning mouse wheel.

Using one of this tools just once on a opaque colored pixel produces exactly the same result as the previous method.

This method is more agile than method 1.
Have in mind that it is easy to turn a pixel too dark or too clear, by reusig the tool on it.

Shading Method 3

Feather Icon
A third method would use feather tool.

Painting Orc Berserker (3) - zoomed in view