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Orc Berserker

Pure Pixel Art Or Not?

Orc Berserker (Tibia) - pixelated view

I wonder whether this sprite is a pure Pixel Art work.
It looks like one.

Few pixels?
There is only one pixel separating the eyes.

Few Colors?

Orc Berserker Colors

There are 52 sprites (excluding the original one) in the sprite sheet.
Too much colors this is not a pure Pixel Art work.
NOT checked.

Second Chance

BobSprite has an effect called reduce color: step 16.
This effect makes the red, green and blue values of each pixel be a multiple of 16 (exception is 255).
For example, color rgb(7, 18, 123) is rounded to color rgb(0, 16, 128).

So I used this effect on the original sprite trying to decrease the number of colors without change how it looks.

Orc Berserker - reduced colors - pixelated view

Now let's count the colors.

Orc Berserker Colors - reduced colors

37 colors. It's still too much.

I tried reduce color: step 32 but the resulting image became different to the naked eye.

My Guess

The artist started the sprite in pure Pixel Art style, using around 15 colors.
Then he used tools like Darken or Lighten (that are not Pixel Art) on it.