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First Experiment

Demon (Tibia) - pixelated view

As first experiment, we will turn green the horns of this demon.
The main objective is to familiarize you with BobSprite.

More than 50 colors were used for the horns.
There are too many colors for we try to paint pixel by pixel.

This chapter shows, step by step, one of the methods that you can use.

Before start, click the link to download the original Demon sprite (64x64 pixels).

Step 1

Open BobSprite.
If it was already in use, press (F5) to restart.

We need a fresh start:
- clean memories
- layer Sprite on
- layer Mask off

Step 2

Load Image Icon
Click the load image icon or press CTRL L to load the source image (Demon 64x64) to BobSprite.

Now the source image is memorized in the first of the 50 memory slots.
The name of the slot is the same name of the file.

These slots are independent from the Undo/Redo memory.

Step 3

Increase Layer Size Icon
Click the increase layer size icon.
This scales up the sprite (doubling the width and height) in pixelated mode.

Now the size of the image is 128x128 pixels.

Step 4

You can change the zoom level by pressing  -  (minus) or  +  (plus).

Set the zoom level to 10.

Step 5

Hand Icon
Use hand tool or arrow keys to move the layer Sprite till the head be in the center of the stage.

Step 6

Press 2 to open the panel color.

With mouse over palette, spin mouse wheel till you see green colored squares.

Click on an average green color of palette.

Press 1 to go back to panel main.

Step 7

Adjust Mask Icon
Press CTRL A or click the adjust mask icon while pressing CTRL.

This makes 4 things happen to layer Mask:
- turns it on
- makes its size be the same size of layer Sprite
- makes its position be the same position of layer Sprite
- erases its content (in this example, it was already blank)

As layer Mask is blank and has the same size and position of layer Sprite it may look that it is not there.

Step 8

Pen Icon
Select pen tool.

You can adjust the tool size by spinning mouse wheel.

If you press SHIFT during using pen tool you erase instead of paint.

Undo Icon
You can undo by clicking the undo icon or by pressing BACKSPACE or CTRL Z.

Redo Icon
You can redo by clicking the redo icon or by pressing SHIFT BACKSPACE or CTRL Y.

Start painting the horns on layer Mask.
You can relax on small details because this image will be shrinked.

BobSprite Greenhorn

Notice that the mask icon and the sprite icon are highlighted and the white info bar shows the sizes of both layers.

Step 9

Press 3 to open panel effect.

Set mask opacity to 60%.

Step 10

Paste Icon
Click the paste icon or press CTRL V to paste layer Mask on layer Sprite.
BobSprite will warn you that layer Mask is not opaque.

Now only layer Sprite is on.

Do NOT do this step after the next one.
This would work but the result would be worse.

Step 11

Decrease Layer Size Icon
Click the decrease layer size icon.

Step 12

Save Image Icon
Click the save image icon or press CTRL S to save your sprite.

Greenhorn Demon