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Pure Pixel Art Or Not?

Executioner (Ultima 8) - pixelated view

And how about her?
Hot or Not?
Pure Pixel Art work or not?

Few pixels?
Size is 27x48 pixels.

Let's count the colors.
I bet she has a more colors than the Orc Berserker.

Executioner Colors

There are 48 sprites (excluding the original one) in the sprite sheet.
I lost my bet.
She has 4 colors less than the Orc Berseker.
Maybe because one color (black) is used for half of the (not blank) pixels.
Anyway, too much colors. This is not a pure Pixel Art work.
NOT checked.

Second Chance

Let's apply BobSprite's effect reduce color: step 16.

Executioner - reduced colors - pixelated view

Now let's count the colors again.

Executioner Colors - reduced colors

47 colors.
Only 1 color down.

I tried reduce color: step 32 but the resulting image became different to the naked eye.


As I told in chapter "Ultima 8", probably, the artist paints the sprite in bigger size.
After he scales down the sprite.

Trying to reduce the number of colors (step 16) had almost no effect.
So, the original sprite must have a very rich set of colors:
Not only it has tens of colors, but also each color is not similar to other.