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Easily Paint This Android With BobSprite

The Core Components

Create a palette with 3 colors: light purple (160,45,190,255), mid purple (100,10,120,255) and dark purple (25,5,30,255).

Android Palete

Create each of the 4 disks that are used to assemble the android. The instructions show the evolution of all disks at same time. But you should create them ONE BY ONE.

You need 4 empty images of different sizes: 10x10, 14x14, 18x18 and 21x21 pixels.

Use light purple and Ellipse tool to fill each image. Make sure each ellipse touches the 4 sides of its layer.
Android Disks A
You have to paint a few missing dots (shown above in different color).

Now, resize (NOT scale) each image increasing 2 pixels its width and its height. Then type CTRL ARROWDOWN and type CTRL ARROWUP to center each disk, creating room for antialiasing.
Android Disks B

Using dark purple and Paint Border tool, click once in the center of each disk.
Select mid purple and click once in the center of each disk.
Only for the biggest disk click once again.
Android Disks C

Select tool Blur Border. Make sure its intensity is 4 (default intensity).
Click the center of each disk as shown:
- disk 1 ==> no click
- disk 2 ==> 3 clicks
- disk 3 ==> 4 clicks
- disk 4 ==> 5 clicks
Android Disks D

Apply effect Blur (panel Effect) on each disk.

Select color dark purple from palette.
Apply effect Inliner(panel Effect) on each disk (darkens the edge).

Apply effect Blur (panel Effect) on each disk again.
Android Disks E

Apply effect Antialiasing Strong (panel Effect) on each disk.
Android Disks

Save each disk in your computer. This also meomorizes each disk in a slot.

Congratulations! Now you have all the core components done.


You assemble the android by pasting disks loaded to layer Mask on layer Sprite.

Start with a clean layer Sprite. And set its size to 60 x 90 pixels.

Set both layers on.

Load the disk you want to use from file or...

from previous memory slot.

Move layer Mask positioning the disk where you want over layer Sprite. Its more precise when moving by SHIFT keyboard arrows.

Paste Mask on Sprite. Pressing CTRL B, pastes Mask BEHIND Sprite which is very useful sometimes.

Pasting layer Mask always turns Mask off.
Trying to move layer while pressing SHIFT, automatically turns it on.

Exchanging layers may be useful.

Each time you assemble a leg or arm you should memorize it.

Right Leg

Android Right Leg

Left Leg

Android Left Leg

Right Arm

Android Right Arm

Left Arm

Android Left Arm


Mounting Android

About Black Pixels

BobSprite considers that black (0,0,0,255) is a special color reserved for outline. So some tools and effects do not work on it.

The purple disks have no black pixels. But as they have translucent grey pixels and you paste one over other, some black pixels may be created.

To fix them, there is the Weaken Black Pixels effect which turns black (0,0,0,255) in almost black (1,1,1,255).


Start with the mounted android. (android 1)

Apply effect Weaken Black Pixels (panel Effect).
Apply effect Erase Translucent (panel Effect). (android 2)

Apply effect Sepia Tone twice (panel Effect). (android 3)

Apply effect Emboss (panel Effect). (android 4)
This effect will give volume and change some spherical forms into cubic forms.

Apply effect Add Noise 4 times (panel Effect). (android 5)

Use Lighten tool to fix the ugly dark pixels marked in android 5. (android 6)

Select color black (0,0,0).
Apply effect Outliner (panel Effect). (android 7)

Apply effect Antialiasing Strong (panel Effect). (android 8)

Finishing Android


If you are not a true artist, you probably said "No way I can draw and paint this android!" when started reading this article.

Well... now you know you can. And it only took 15 minutes.

Hurry! Go impress your parents!